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Come Share the distruction, told through pictures & text.


We are a newly formed Association May 2005, to help aid the local residents of OUR area Burnley Wood, Burnley Lancashire, in the FIGHT TO STOP the house demolition & fight for Renovation of these properites, that the LOCAL BURNLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL along with ELEVATE and PATHFINDER projects are wanting to steam ahead and achieve sheer distruction to our much loved historic terrace properties and streets. 


Web-Site Last updated on Saturday 14th January 2006

All these photographes are taken during the demolition of our Burnley Wood Streets.

Association Meeting/Meeting with invited Guests, planned for.& Recent Updated information..

2nd February 2006

Public Announcement taken from Burnley Council Website. Burnley-Wood's developers have been named as being both companies Gleeson and Keepmoat. This has only been made public late dinner-time as of today's date, NOT as said Yesterday, as our secretary monitors the Council Site morning & evening everyday.

Here's the Information in full, reproduced as is from the Burnley Council Website.

Burnley\'s Elevate Lead Developers Named

Burnley\'s Elevate Lead Developers Named

Published: Tuesday 31st January 2006

Following months of interviews, site visits and negotiations, Gleeson and Keepmoat are to be named as the preferred developers to build new homes and regenerate Burnley Wood, South West Burnley, Daneshouse, Duke Bar and Stoneyholme.

The announcement, at last night's (Tuesday) Burnley Council Executive, follows months of short listing from over 20 high profile developers to decide who could best achieve the high standards required by Burnley Council and Elevate East Lancashire. Issues such as housing affordability, community involvement and design innovation were all part of a selection process that aimed to get the best for the people of Burnley.

Council leader Stuart Caddy said: "We still have to finalise the details, but to have the experience of these two major developers on board is great news for Elevate, great news for Burnley Council, but most importantly, great news for the people of Burnley. Alongside the huge investment in our secondary schools, health and leisure facilities and plans to transform Burnley's town centre, this is an exciting opportunity, the like of which we've not seen before and is the birth of a new, better Burnley.

"Gleeson, who specialise in urban regeneration, will be the lead developer for Daneshouse, Duke Bar and Stoneyholme. Keepmoat, who have also been selected to work in five other Elevate equivalent pathfinder programmes across the country, are also experts in delivering community regeneration and will focus on South West Burnley. Burnley Wood will be shared between the two developers, as this has proved successful in other areas of the country, and will strengthen relationships and encourage the sharing of approaches and ideas.

Max Steinberg, Chief executive of Elevate East Lancashire said: "Burnley's huge potential has allowed us to challenge these developers at every step of the selection process, to ensure the best outcome for the major opportunities ahead. Keepmoat and Gleeson recognise that potential, and have faced up to the challenges we have set. I believe that together we will transform Burnley's neighbourhoods into places where people want to live, work, relax and visit." Gleeson and Keepmoat will be invited to open negotiations including agreeing roles, responsibilities and what type of homes will be built. If as expected, all negotiations run smoothly, Burnley's Elevate programme could have its first new housing development next winter.

Brenda Rochester, the Chair of the Burnley's Community Alliance, said: "The developers' willingness to invest in our town, commitment to making Burnley a better place and recognition of Burnley's potential were very impressive, but what I thought was most impressive, was their enthusiasm to work closely with local communities." Haslam Homes North West region managing director, Tim Wray, said: "This is an exciting time when we are about to embark on a 10 year partnership and an investment programme that will breathe new life into the area and regenerate its neighbourhoods. As part of the highly successful Keepmoat group of companies, we have a great depth of experience in regeneration projects.

"We look forward to working in close partnership with Burnley Council, Elevate, Gleeson Regeneration and the local community. This is a wonderful opportunity for us all to transform the Burnley Wood area. We also welcome the prospect of being able to build upon the success of our Cotton Mill private development, which has transformed the area into a neighbourhood where people choose to live, work and invest."

Noel Adams, managing director, Gleeson Regeneration, said: "We are really excited by this opportunity to work in partnership with the community, the council and Elevate, to transform the environments of Burnley Wood, Dukes Bar, Stoneyholme, and Daneshouse. "We bring to this project our experience and passion for delivering quality, sustainable community regeneration."

1st February 2006

The Committee has posted out Information Update flyers to the Ass members.

Tuesday 31st January 2006

Committee Meeting to discuss the below information etc.

Monday 30th January 2006

I have today had an email from Michael Wellock, stating he hopes the Council Executive's will be making their final decision on who the "Lead developer partner(s)" for the Burnley Wood area will be. If the Executive agree then a PUBLIC announcement will be made later this week.

He then hopes to begin work with the developers on working on the first phases of redevelopment in Burnley Wood on the cleared sites, and examining the future of the terraced grid. This will all have to take place within the framework being finalised in the area action plan. He is currently discussing with the prospective developers when this detailed work can begin. A number of issues have to be resolved - the brief for the work/who will do it/who will pay for it etc. -

He then mentioned that " if all goes well he will hope to be able to tell me more before the end of March"

I am now emailing Micheal Wellock to ask if representatives from the Association can be included in these said meetings (with the developer partner(s) etc), which I think should be allowed, so we as an Association and resident's of Dall Street, can have our say again in this next crucial stage of developement of our much loved street.

Saturday 14th January 2006

In a recent conversation between myself and Michael Wellock, I was told that the Council still hasn't chosen the Contractor for Burnley-Wood area as of yet. Until the Contractor has been awarded the contract, the feasibility Study for Dall Street & surrounding area can not begin. The Feasibility study will involve the Residents and Business owners, along with the Contractors and the Council.  This study will be able to help decide which (if any) streets need to be demolished/remodelled/face-lifted.

Once I have any further updates I will post them to the websiteStay & think positive.

Saturday 27th August 2005

Association Logo goes live ( Our sincere thanks goes to a dear friend of Karen's) Ian Kildin for setting out his valuable time to design the logo on behalf of the Association. 

Tuesday 16th August 2005

Karen Heseltine (Association Secretary) & Gillian Ashcroft ( Vice-Chairman) had a "walkabout" with Mr. Michael Wellock ( Burnley's Elevate Co-ordinator). He was taken around Dall Street, invited into several residents homes "for his viewing and thoughts"on the area and condition of our homes. We had a general walk around the local area, giving and recieving some good feedback. Mr Wellock seemed in no hurry to leave at all and seemed very interested in our thoughts and comments re views on the Master plans etc.

Wednesday 10th August 2005

Our Member of Parliament. Labour MP Mrs Kitty Ussher, has kindly agreed a meeting with the Associations Committee Members. Kitty has shown strong feeling re our campaign and is strongly campaigning alongside the Association to help save Dall Street. The Association's Committee, presented Kitty with a copy of the Dall Street Alternative Plans.

8th August 2005

A Letter arrived to the Secretary of the Association from Mike Waite (Head of Community Engagement & Cohesion) at Burnley Borough Council, stating that their plans for the Submission of the Elevate Master-Plans that were going to be submitted at the Executive Meeting, held at Burnley Town Hall on the 16th August 2005, HAS NOW BEEN DELAYED YET AGAIN.  And in due course Mike Waite will contact me to advise the Association when they plan to submit their Elevate Master Plans to the Executive Committee Meeting.  Members have had a flyer posted out to them to inform them, that they DO NOT NEED TO ATTEND the Executive meeting, that we discussed about at our members briefing meeting on the 3rd August 05

Friday 5th August 2005

The Committee Members have been approached by our local Labour councillor Mrs Colette Bailey for a meeting with them. Which will be held today at 4pm at our Committee Rooms. The Association's Committee presented Cllr Bailey with her own copy of the Dall Street Alternative Plans.

Today Friday 5th August 2005, The Dall Street Residents started to recieve the-

BOG STANDARD NONE PERSONALISED LETTER. ADDRESSED TO THE OCCUPIER OF .... DALL ST. BURNLEY BB11 3LB.  From Micheal Wellock, this letter was dated back on 19th July 2005, why has it taken until 5th August 2005 to arrive on the residents door mat ? When the local Councillor had a copy in her possession on Wednesday 3rd August.05

This response is in reply to a letter that was generated from all Dall Street Residents back on the 19th June 05, which they all had their imput to. We hand delivered over 85 letters of concern to Micheal Wellock (Town Hall Post Box)  These letters showed how concerned the residents are, and how MUCH they wish to save their much loved HOMES.

From what the letter states, Micheal Wellock has sent out copies of our letter and his letter to :-

Mike Waite "Councils Head of Community Engagement & Cohesion.  Leader of the Burnley Borough Council. The Executive Member for Housing. The Ward Members for Rosehill-with-Burnley Wood. And finally to the Chairperson of Burnley Borough Councils Housing & Health Scruity Committee.

Wednesday 3rd August 2005

A members/committee meeting, took place to bring all our members upto speed re what we have been doing on their behalf since our last meeting.

Wednesday 20th July 2005

The Vice-chairman (Gillian Ashcroft) and the Secretary of the Association (Karen Heseltine) were invited to a "Closed Shop" Elevate Briefing Meeting, held by Mike Waite and Mike Wellock from the Burnley Council.

Where after the meeting the Vice Chair & Secretary submitted The Collective Dall Street Residents "Alternative" Vision Plans.

Mike Waite & Mike Wellock suggested that we have a work about tour of Dall Street, of which we are awaiting their dates so we can have several Committee Members escort the Council Reps around the area and into selected members homes.

14th July 2005

At around 4.30pm. Karen Heseltine had an unexpected "drop in" consultation with some HIGLY INFLUENTIAL" people from all over the county, such as ODPM members, Chief Elevate for East Lancs etc.

She was asked to speak for approximately 3mins on why she wished to keep Dall Street Standing and not be included in the Elevate/Pathfinder/Burnley Borough Councils plans for Mass Demolition. From their response it seemed to have gone rather well, as in their several meeting thereafter "the lady from Dall Street" was a constant upbringing in their conversations.

Lets hope this has shown these people that there is alternatives to mass demoltion.

Wednesday  8th June 2005

Our 1st members meeting, where the members elected and proposed our Committee.

Wednesday 25th May 2005.Association Committee fully Elected Association formed.

Strictly open to PAID UP Members Only. New memberships can be paid on the night.




Membership cards are given, and will need to be shown at every meeting attended.

Please email Karen for further details. Email details below.



If Dall Street Residents Association can help YOU in any way please feel free to contact us.


Please contact us via email :- karen.dallstreet@ntlworld.com or mbl 07712 581 767

Questions? Send an e-mail

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